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Founded: 2021
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Balkan Studies Foundation


The Role of the Sport of Judo and Football in Promoting Kosovo’s Statehood in the International Arena

Ylli Sokoli MA Student, Univerity of Prishtina Author 0000-0002-1638-8404




This research focuses on the role the sports of judo and football have in promoting Kosovo’s statehood in the international arena. Through this research, I will analyze the challenges Kosovo has with regard to sports and show the opportunities Kosovo has in its international promotion of statehood, in which sports diplomacy plays a very important role. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008 but has yet to become a member of the United Nations. Since it became a part of international sports organizations, it has played against countries that do not recognize its independence. Kosovo uses sports to gain recognition to some extent, with the sport that has most influenced its international promotion being judo due mainly to the Olympic medals that Kosovo won and the fuss this created in the international media. Still, other sports such as football have also had a positive impact. The sport matches the Republic of Kosovo has held in countries and against countries that do not recognize its independence have had great importance in promoting Kosovo’s statehood because the audiences in these countries recognize Kosovo.


Sports Diplomacy, Judo, Football, Kosovo, İnternational Promotion


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