e-ISSN: 2671-3659
p-ISSN: 2671-3675
Founded: 2021
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Balkan Studies Foundation

Data Archival and Distribution

The editor ensures that the published material is archived securely. Journal of Balkan Studies sends the published articles to electronic archives on an open access basis without any action by the author(s) and makes them fully accessible. The author or the funding organization may upload a copy of the author's accepted article to the archive sites. The Journal of Balkan Studies author licence permits reuse for non-commercial use only, citing the source of the article (with a full citation). Permission from the Authors is required for commercial use. Journal of Balkan Studies is committed to keep all its articles open access under the CC-BY-NC Creative Commons licence  and to store the full-text content on archive platforms and the Journal of Balkan Studies website.

Archive Policy: LOCKSS

Warehouse Policy: balkanjournal.org

The publisher of the Journal of Balkan Studies (e-ISSN:) is pleased to announce its archive policy in line with its policy to support the dissemination of research results.

  • Journal of Balkan Studies allows authors to use the final published version of an article (publisher pdf) for self-archiving (author's personal website) and/or archiving in an institutional repository after publication.
  • Authors may self-archive their articles in public and/or commercial subject-based repositories. There is no embargo period but the published source must be cited and a link to the journal home page or DOI of the articles must be set.
  • Authors can download the manuscript as a PDF document. Authors can send copies of the article to colleagues without any embargo.
  • Journal of Balkan Studies allows all versions of articles (Submitted version, accepted version, published version) to be stored in an institutional or other archive of the author's choice without embargo.
  • Journal of Balkan Studies uses the LOCKSS system to allow the creation of permanent archives. Based at Stanford University Libraries, the LOCKSS Programme provides libraries and publishers with award-winning, low-cost, open source digital preservation tools to ensure access to permanent and authoritative digital content. The LOCKSS Programme is a library-led digital preservation system built on the principle of "securing large numbers of copies". The LOCKSS Programme develops and supports libraries using open source end-to-end digital preservation software.

Published Version

Publication Type: Open Access

OAI: https://balkanjournal.org/jbs/oai

LOCKSS: https://balkanjournal.org/jbs/gateway/lockss

RSS: https://balkanjournal.org/jbs/gateway/plugin/WebFeedGatewayPlugin/rss2

Embargo Period: No embargo period.

Open Access Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0

Copyright Holder: Author(s) retains copyright.

Archive Location: Institutional Repository, Crossref, Journal Website, Corporate Site, Author's Personal Website, Public and/or Commercial Subject-Based Archives.

Policy Terms: The journal should be cited in accordance with citation and citation standards. It should be linked to the publisher version with DOI.

Version Accepted at the End of the Referee Process

Embargo Period: None

Archive Location: Journal Website, Corporate Website, Author's Personal Website, Public and/or Commercial Subject-Based Archives.

Copyright Holder: The author(s) retains copyright.

First Text Submitted to the Journal

Embargo Period: None

Archive Location: Journal Website, Corporate Website, Author's Personal Website, Public and/or Commercial Subject-Based Archives.

Permanent Article Identifier

DOI: Journal of Balkan Studies assigns doi to each article.

ORCID: Yes Journal of Balkan Studies requires ORCID IDs to be included in the article metadata. ORCID ID is an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies authors.

Fee Policy

All expenses of the Journal of Balkan Studies are covered by the Balkan Studies Foundation. The publication of articles in the journal and the execution of article processes are not subject to any fee. No processing fee or submission fee is charged under any name for articles submitted to the journal or accepted for publication. Journal of Balkan Studies does not accept sponsorship and advertisement in accordance with its publication policies.