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Religious and Political Antagonism between Greece and Bulgaria in the Context of the Church Dispute, the Treaty of San Stefano and the Treaty of Berlin

Fotini Zarogianni PhD student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Author 0000-0003-2045-4598




This paper deals with the question of the driving forces of the religious, ecclesiastic, and political antagonism between Greece and Bulgaria in the context of the Treaties of San Stefano and Berlin, in combination with the national awakening and ethnic rivalries of the period. As a result, the study investigates the GreekBulgarian Church Dispute, which involved the quest for an autonomous Bulgarian Church, the schism from the Patriarchate, and the antagonism for religious loyalties connected to ethnic identities after the pre-national era and the emergence of nationalism. Consequently, the paper examines the political and nationalistic aspects of Greek-Bulgarian antagonism, with a special focus on the politico-territorial disputes resulting from the San Stefano and Berlin Treaties. Lastly, the paper showcases the connection this antagonism had to the Macedonian Question regarding the cause of the never-ending turmoil in the Balkans, the powder keg of Europe.


Nationalism, Bulgarian Exarchate, Church Dispute, Treaty of San Stefano, Macedonian Question


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